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Heavy in Your Arms by Naturally Morbid

Rated: NC-17 • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Brian / OC


Ariadne Butler is an aerial silk performer who is down to her last dime.  When she auditions for the boys to be part of their newest tour, Ariadne thinks her luck has finally turned around.  She had no problem with falling through the air, night after night.  However, she does have a problem with falling in love.  


Brian Haner was not excited about the addition of the circus to their shows. However, when he meets Ariadne he begins to change his mind. They clash like fire and ice at first. But everyone around them can see that they're spiraling towards the same goal: love. Brian is just as unwilling to open his heart.


Can people from two different worlds really fall for each other?

Honest Confessions by Fritten

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A one-shot drabble with Matt and Val where she confronts him on his hidden feelings for Jimmy.