Follow these rules, and there won't be no trouble in these here parts. The jail is full anyway.

Rule Number 1

Be kind to each other. If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. Wise words from Thumper's father there. Constructive criticism is welcome, of course, but the key word there is constructive. Don't be a dick, please and thank you.

Rule Number 2

Lay off the spam. We don't like spam. Here is a list of spam we don't like:

Adverts - we don't want to buy your stuff, okay?!

Asking for user's private info - that's personal, thank you very much.

Links to outside sites - because this site is the only place to be anyway.

Tinned meat products made mainly from ham - keep that abomination away!

Rule Number 3

NO copyrighted material.

Obviously, we're writing fanfiction and the lines are kind of blurred, but be mindful of what you post and credit the appropriate people where necessary.

Example: Don't upload the lyrics to I'd Do Anything For Love and say "Check out this song I wrote!"
It's an injustice to Meatloaf, if nothing else. Instead, throw his name about in your chapter notes and fly your Meatloaf flag with pride for all to see.

Rule Number 4

Original material only.

This one's pretty obvious, right? Don't upload another author's work under any circumstances. It's not your work, it's not your decision. It goes without saying that admins will investigate any claims of plagiarism and action will be taken. Expect your story to be deleted and your account to be banned if you upload work that is not your own.
Please note: We also do not accept work that is uploaded with a disclaimer (e.g. "This is not my work"). It is still not your work, and knowing that it's not your work still doesn't make us want it on the site. The end.

Rule Number 5

Just kidding, there's no rule 5. Gotcha.