Against The Rocks by RamonaFoREVer

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Chapter notes:

I don't want to panic you, but this is the last chapter! Someone pass the tissues, I'm emotional!

“Do we look yet?”


“It’s only been thirty seconds, Johnny.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, I’m timing it.”


“I swear we’ve been waiting for five minutes at least.”


“Can we talk about something else?”


“Sorry, just nervous.”


“Me too.”


Lily slipped her hand into Johnny’s and squeezed it. They were sat in the kitchen, a heavy atmosphere weighing down on them, while a pregnancy test teased them from the bathroom windowsill. Lily was so anxious she felt sick, and had insisted they wait in the kitchen instead of standing over it, willing it to change. Now, as the seconds ticked by slowly, she’d almost lost her nerve completely and couldn’t seem to sum up the courage she’d need in roughly two minutes to go and check it. Johnny was the total opposite, desperate to get in there and read it before she’d even flushed the toilet. His leg jigged with anticipation as they perched on the stools at the breakfast bar, trying to find anything but the test to talk about.


The Skylark had surpassed itself, netting its owner a hefty sum. It had been enough to start the couple on their fertility medications, as well as to book in their IVF treatment. With the science-y side of things taken care of, Lily had attended the clinic for the embryo transfer, and then there had been nothing to do but play a very impatient waiting game for the test date the nurse had given them to see if it had worked. They’d mainly passed the time with Brian and Heidi, though their friends had no idea why the pair were so on edge as they insisted on distracted dinners and film nights to try and occupy their minds.


“What time is it now?” Johnny asked impatiently, looking over at his wife who was looking paler by the second.


“It’s only been 30 seconds. We still have two minutes to go,” she replied quietly, staring straight ahead out of the window at the white picket fence that bordered their small home.


He nodded, though he could hardly believe how slowly the time was passing. Wringing his hands with impatience, he opened his mouth again, “What if it’s positive?”


“What if it’s not?” Lily retorted, lowering her eyes. The need to nervously fiddle with something overcame her resistance, and she found herself tipping salt out of the shaker and pushing it around with her fingertips – something she would have told Johnny off for doing. “What happens if it doesn’t work?”


Johnny wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her into his chest. “Then we save up again,” he shrugged, like it was nothing. “There’s nothing we can’t achieve together.”


“I don’t know how you can be so positive,” Lily sighed, burying her head in her hands.


“We just have to get through it, Lil, there’s nothing else we can do. And we will get through it. I’ll carry you, no, drag you if I have to,” he teased, taking one of her hands and lacing his fingers into hers.


She abandoned her salt artwork and gave him a grateful smile, “I love you. You know that, right?”


He scoffed, “I’d be worried if you didn’t. I’m a top specimen – the best mankind has to offer. I think we both know I’m the pinnacle of human existence because of that time where I-”


Lily’s phone began chiming and dancing across the table, cutting off Johnny’s vainglorious boast. Lily snatched it up and looked over at him with wide, anxious eyes, “It’s time.”


“What do we do?” he asked, suddenly feeling panic rush through his veins with an icy bite. “Just look at it?”


“Yeah, I guess,” she shrugged, staying glued to her seat.


With neither of them making any move, Johnny nervously rubbed his palms on his jeans. “You want me to get it?” he asked as Lily’s brows knitted together.


“I don’t think I can look. Will you look for me?”


He tilted his head, not wanting her to miss out on the moment, “Are you sure?”



“I don’t think I want to experience the heartbreak first-hand,” she answered jokily, though they both knew there was some truth to what she was saying.


“No, you know what? We’ll look together,” he smiled, giving her hand a quick squeeze in an attempt to reassure her. “I’ll go and get it.”


Johnny stood silently and tiptoed to the bathroom, each step feeling like it was weighing him down. By the time he’d reached the windowsill, he felt as though he were wading through concrete, his previous excitement all but deserting him. The test sat on the windowsill, completely unaware of the power it held over them. This little piece of plastic would set off fireworks in their hearts, or it would sink them to the darkest depths of the ocean. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see the result without his wife by his side, and reached out, his fingers wandering over the surface with trepidation. They closed around the pregnancy test and gripped it tightly, and he stole it up off the sill and staggered back to the kitchen, giddy with anticipation.


“I’ve got it,” he blurted out, hovering next to the breakfast bar. “Are you ready?”


Lily, who was jittering in her seat, swept the salt off the counter hastily and let out a shaky breath. With her heart pounding dizzily in her ears, she looked up at him and gave the tiniest nod. Without taking his eyes off her, he set the test down on the table gently. Their eyes were locked together, both terrified of what the test might hold.


“We look on 3?” suggested Johnny, grabbing up his wife’s hands.


“Okay,” she squeaked, gripping him back tightly.




They both snapped their eyes down to the little window on the test, still holding onto each other for dear life. The words were right there in black and white, staring at them. If Lily’s heart had been thudding before, now it was crashing around in her chest with reckless abandon. A prickly chill ran over her skin like a thousand needles as Johnny ripped his hands away and grabbed her shoulders with a whoop of delight. He began excitedly shaking her as a wide grin blossomed across her face.




“Yes! Yes, I am,” she laughed, throwing her arms around him and squealing as he lifted her from the chair with ease and spun her around until they were both dizzy.


“There’s a baby in here!” he gasped, setting her down and marvelling over her midriff. “You’re pregnant, Lily! You’re with child! Holy fuck, you’re up the fucking duff!”


“Oh my god, you’re so gross,” she giggled, pushing him away and grabbing the test from the counter to inspect it closely. Even though it was there in black and white, she could hardly believe her eyes.




Johnny approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. “This is the best day,” he sighed happily, nuzzling into her neck. “We’re having a baby, Lil! A little tiny Seward to run around raising hell for us. We can put our feet up and let the kid do the work.”


“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” Lily asked breathlessly, feeling the explosive fireworks of excitement corkscrew and whizz in her brain. Her heart was fluttering like a flock of sparrows, beating so wildly that she could hardly hear anything but the thudding beat in her ears.


“Who cares, any baby can rock a deathbat onesie,” he smirked, taking his own turn to inspect the test once again. “Jesus Christ, we’re having a baby, Lil!”


“I know, and on the first try. I can’t believe it,” she sighed, suddenly feeling a jitter of nerves stirring in the pit of her stomach. The anxious flutters multiplied at an uncomfortable rate and her smile faded, “It’s almost too good to be true.”


“Hey, don’t talk like that,” Johnny scolded gently, immediately pulling her into a protective embrace. “I know we can’t know what will happen, but let’s wait on the good, not the bad. Speaking of which, what do we actually do now?”


“We wait for the scan, I guess,” Lily shrugged, unable to help feeling a little deflated by the statistics of misfortune that were currently drilling themselves into her brain. “That’s in…” she paused, glancing over at the calendar on their wall, “about two weeks? Then we’ll know if it’s really worked.”


“It has worked,” Johnny maintained, trying to bolster her excitement up again.“Those words in front of us show us that it worked. We’ll just be extra careful with you now. No climbing on the counter to get shit from the top of the cupboards – why do we even put stuff up there? – and no strenuous exercise, which isn’t something you ever partake in anyway,” he smirked as he felt her eyebrows raising, challenging him to dare to continue. He gave her a quick squeeze, “It’s in there, Lil, it just has to keep sticking.”



Lily snickered softly at his wording, “You make it sound like we glued it up there.”


He gave her a small smile, happy to see her frown disappear for a moment. He loosened his grip on her and planted a kiss on the top of her head – an act that required great effort thanks to his short stature. “I love you, Lilian Joan Seward.”


“Using my middle name is really not the way to put me in a good mood,” she reminded him, wriggling out of his grasp to give him a playful shove as a reluctant grin stretched across her face. “You know I hate it, you shithead.”


“That’s what makes it fun to use,” he teased, ducking away from her glare and yanking open the fridge door. He leaned in in search of something. “Let’s celebrate with wine,” he suggested, reappearing with a carton in his hand.


“That’s apple juice,” Lily replied, arching an eyebrow and fighting to keep her smile from growing again.


“Yeah, but it’s the right colour,” Johnny retorted playfully, waving her off as he slipped two wine glasses from the shelf and filled them up. He pushed one into her hands as she gave him an amused look and raised his own up high, “May our baby grow and grow, just like the tree that provided the apples for our not-wine. To our little family.”


“You’re mad,” Lily giggled, finally giving in to the mirth she’d been struggling to hold back. She reluctantly lifted her glass and let her dark eyes wander up to his. Time and time again Johnny had lifted her spirits, carried her through the hard times, given her every ounce of his love and patience and kindness, and she’d never been more grateful to have such a wonderful goofball of a husband. She smiled as she clinked her glass of apple juice against his and whispered softly, “To our little family.”

Chapter end notes:

N'awwwww, it's the end of JoLily's story! Don't worry, you can still follow their lives through the rest of the As Paths Cross series (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION THERE!)

I hope you enjoyed :)

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