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05 May 2021

Hello, all! I'm Leagh. I have been an avid Avenged fanfiction writer since 2010 on Mibba, but the site seems to be a ghost town these days and I'd like for readers to actually be able to access my work! I have many facets to my personality, but the most important thing to know about me is I am one of the most supportive people you'll ever meet! Shoot me your stories and recommendations! I am always looking to add to my reading list!

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She's a Little Bit Country, He's a Little Bit Rock N' Roll by theskyisfallingtoday

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews

"I despise you."

He threw me up against the wall biting my lip.

"I hate you with everything I have!"

I pressed my lips harder and harder against his.

The way his hands roamed my aching body made me shiver.

I wanted him so badly...

And I wanted him to want me back.